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Choose from our catalog of electronic cigarettes, starter kits for beginners, colors and styles according to your tastes, with larger batteries to prolong your vaping time.

Electronic Cigarette 

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E-Cigarette Starter Kits

Selection of the best Single kits Electronic Cigarettes

E-Cigarette Vaper Kits

Selection of the best E-Cigarette packs with everything you need to start Vaping


AIO Kit is ideal to start vaping, prepare your ejuices for these incredible kits, you can buy it here! Discover eGo AIO, SOLO 2 AIO and ASPIRE POCKEX AIO.

eGo E Cigarettes

The eGo is possibly one of the most famous Ecigs models in the electronic cigarette industry. Low resistance, different battery options, cheap and light. Discover in our selection your eGo E cig ideal.

Vape Pens

Ideal to use as starter Kit for amateur vapers. Light and ergonomic.  This type of Ecig offers to the vapers a greater duration of the battery, more quantity of E Liquid in their tanks, greater control and amount vapping. Discover your favourite Vape pen with our best list of Ecigs.

Mods Vape

Discover our collection of box mods (Mods Vape). They offer the best vaping experience. Carecterized for an incredible battery life. Many include their own tank in the Kit. With an electronic designed to control power, temperature, Puff control... Do you want to make the leap? we have different options so that the Mod Vape adapts to your needs.

The eGo BMG Single Starter Kit (1100mAh) is an ideal electronic cigarette starter kit for anyone who is looking to stop smoking. This e cigarette starter kit contains everything you need to get started (e-juice not included).  
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The perfect device to use at anytime and (almost) anywhere, the Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO makes vaping easier than ever. Featuring an all-in-one design, 1500mAh internal battery, 2mL tank, top fill, leak proof design, adjustable airflow, and pristine machining, the PockeX is the go to for on the go.
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Inheriting the classic design of the Solo series, the Solo 2 is gifted with a bigger 3000mAh battery, 2ml tank and up to 50W power output.It's like every other vape pen, only bigger & better! 
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